Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hawks vs Sharks

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Listening to the Blackhawks play in overtime is way more nerve-racking than watching it on TV. I listened as Brunette tied the game late in the third off of Hossa's shot. Sharp won it in overtime just a couple days after the birth of his first child.
Of course, he scored for Madelyn Grace!
Hawks won 3-2 against the Sharks.


“It’s been a special few days. I know the puck is going in for me but I’m the last person I’m thinking of right now. My wife and baby [are] back home. It’s going to be so much fun to go home right now.” (source)

And congrats to Seabrook on his 500th game! He also had an assist on Sharp's overtime goal.

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    1. What a nerve-racking game. The Hawks sure seem to like to keep things interesting until the very end, despite the negative effects on the heart condition of many!

      This game will undoubtedly remain one of this season's most memorable, with that goal with only 66 seconds in regulation and Sharpie's OT goal. What a dramatic end !