Monday, January 30, 2012

All-Star Weekend Recap: "My mom thinks you're really dreamy"

Quick hits of NHL All-Star weekend:

-Joey the Junior Reporter stole the hearts of Chicago, now he has stolen the hearts of the world as a reporter for the NHL network:
Joey at Media Day (cutest video ever)

-Random Thoughts of the Skills Competition:
Did anyone else think it would have been more appropriate if the Sedins came out together for intros? Just to be extra creepy. Kane was mic'd up during the skills competition or he was just talking to himself on the ice. Karlsson beat Hossa in the fastest skater competition. Hossa was just answering Karlsson's prayer, since Karlsson prayed that he wanted to win fastest skater. Not only did the Blackhawks have God representing them at the All-Star game, but they also had a superhero. SUPER KANE. Hossa brought out a red cape and glasses for Kane. Forever a classic moment. All of a sudden kane scored and started to explode pucks (watch video). Kane's response to the exploding puck: "I got too strong." *insert the Superman theme song*

-Random Thoughts of the All-Star Game by @QueenCrash:
Doc: "Pavel Datsyuk is working some magic." JR: "Pavel Datsyuk is magic." We see Iggy smiling and somewhere an angel got its wings, perhaps multiple sets. Henrik Lundqvist jokingly yells at Marian Hossa not to pass to Marian Gaborik, that he has enough goals already. Carey Price is mic'd up in net and I'm having a hard time squealing with laughter. He trades banter with JR in the booth and somehow they start talking about the rodeo...
Carey Price makes a nice glove save and admits to checking his save out on the jumbotron: "I won't lie, I was checking myself out on the big screen." All four goalies have allowed three goals apiece now. Game is tied 6-6. Drake takes the stage to perform. Giroux attempts to trip his own teammate, Hartnell, who will donate $1,000 to charity for every #HartnellDown that occurs during the ASG. Seguin on the Sedins: "I think we smiled at each other for the first time." The game ends with Team Chara beating Team Alfredsson 12-9. Tim Thomas gets his fourth straight ASG win. Marian Gaborik is announced as the MVP.

You can see more photos and watch more videos from the weekend on the Blackhawks website!

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