Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Recap: Hawks vs Flyers

It started off as a night for the youngsters, then the big boys showed up later (and I mean like 5 minutes left in the third later). However, it wasn't enough. The Hawks lost 5-4 to Flyers for their first time back at Wells Fargo Center since winning the Stanley Cup.

Hayes started off the first with a goal, which is his second NHL goal in two games. It was Shaw's first game. It's always a special moment to put on the indian head sweater for the first time. That moment didn't last very long. He didn't make it through the first five minutes of the game without getting it torn and bloody. Welcome to the NHL! Shaw cleaned off the blood and got stitched back up. He came back and scored his first NHL goal. Congrats! He was an assist away from getting the Gordie Howe Hat Trick. He did trend for the first time on Twitter, that's got to count for some kind of hat trick.

Unfortunately, the Flyers played a game of back and forth. Game was tied 2-2 halfway through the second. I blinked and the game changed 4-2 Flyers.

The last several minutes of the game: Seabrook (SSSSSSSEEEEEAAABBBBROOOK) and Kane tied the game 4-4 for the Hawks. Kane went to the box and the Flyers went to the power play. Then with about 30 seconds left the Flyers pooped in the Hawks net to take the lead and the game.

Next up: The Avalanche

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