Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blackhawks Fall to the Kings 4-0:

Get it? The Hawks lost and Sharp is falling...

Crawford (looking at puck): "Shit." Seabrook (looking at puck): "Shit."

Friday, February 24, 2012

Around the UC:

-Pucks & Pixels finally made it to the 1,000 follower mark on Twitter! P&P has started their write-in contest. You can enter here. You have until midnight on Sunday!

-Patrick Sharp is a very handsome man when he scores goals, but he's also a very handsome man when he's a dad. He's on the cover of Chicago Parent magazine and did an interview for them with his wife. Sharp: "Every day, it's something new and it's something special. Even just sitting on the couch, the three of us, it's a lot of fun. Everything she does is exciting for us, whether it's a smile or a laugh or whatever." You can read the rest of the article and see the adorable photos here:
ChicagoParent: Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Sharp on fatherhood. Here's a video of the shoot that can be summed up in one word: Awwwww!

-“Jonathan Toews was in a minor one-car collision in downtown Chicago this morning while driving himself to the United Center. He was not injured."
CBSChicago: Toews Crashes Car Into Pole In Loop. Seriously, who tries to get an autograph from a person who had just gotten into a car accident?

-Brunette: “When you get to this point of the year and you see the end coming, you see what this hockey team can do and you get excited. Every year is a new experience. This is a crucial time of the year. You want to be playing your best hockey from here on in.”
Brunette, success go together for Hawks

-Kane on Toews: “Obviously, some guys are going to have to step up like myself and try to do a little bit more and a little bit extra. He’s definitely a huge part of the lineup and a guy you miss. It seems like when he goes out, the lineup gets depleted a little bit. But it’s a good chance for other players to step up.”
ChicagoSun-Times: With Jonathan Toews out, Patrick Kane knows he needs to step up

-"Jonathan Toews will not travel to Los Angeles and Anaheim, nor will defensemen Niklas Hjalmarsson and Steve Montador, as the Blackhawks take on the Kings on Saturday and the Ducks on Sunday."
Toews, Hjalmarsson, Montador won't join Hawks on trip

PuckDaddy: Puck Daddy's Create a Cheesy 1990's-style NHL Poster contest: Gallery 2

Puck Daddy: Hockey Hugs: Tiny St. Louis; Cuddles from the Beanpot; Anthony Stewart loves you (It's all about number 4. Brilliant quote. That's real love)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Blackhawks Lost Number Nine...

Number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine...

Nine times? Nine times...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Restore Hockey: Recycling the Game

You’ve probably recently seen people around the Chicago area wearing hockey laces as bracelets. Well, those trendy new bracelets are for a good cause. Restore Hockey is a non-profit organization helping bring hockey to your neighborhood. By providing used equipment to individuals in need, they bring the love of the sport to underprivileged families and communities. With their donations of new and used equipment, people are able to enjoy the game of hockey.

The Massachusetts based company was founded by Michael Spengler and his wife, Carolyn in 2008. Spengler is a former hockey player himself. He played four years of college hockey at Bentley University. As a former player, who knows the price tag of hockey, he's trying to reduce the cost of playing for the future generation. He doesn’t just bring “entrepreneurial spirit” and “business management/Operations experience” to Restore, but his life experience from 18 years of playing hockey.

In 2010, founder of the Pond Hockey Classic, Scott Crowder, joined Spengler and Restore as the Executive Director. Crowder is no stranger to hockey either. As former University of Massachusetts-Amherst player and the son of former professional hockey player and college coach Bruce Crowder. Crowder has made an immediate impact since joining Restore. With his experience of establishing one of the largest pond hockey tournaments in America and his “Bringing Hockey Back to the Basics” attitude, he has helped Restore into becoming a household name.

Restore has spread the game and their word around the New England area, but they’re always looking for volunteers in other areas. Restore team member, Samantha Smith recently moved to Chicago for business. With Smith in the Chicago area, she is looking for local volunteers (psst...Blackhawks) and local events to help bring in more donations. With the spreading of Restore and more donations, they will be able to grow as an organization.

Now you're probably wondering how you can help.

Restore Hockey is based on several factors: Access, opportunity and affordability. You could also add clean to the list, too. You can bring these factors to a reality. Instead of having your children’s old equipment stink up your garage or basement, you can donate it to Restore Hockey. Before the equipment is donated to kids, families or organizations, it is cleaned and repaired. Once the equipment is fully restored (no pun intended) it is sent off as a chance for a child to fall in love with the great game of hockey.

If you don’t have any extra hockey equipment or it’s still in use, you can help Restore Hockey with a financial donation. With every $150 Restore buys a new equipment starter pack and then it’s donated to a child. Depending on the size of the equipment, Restore is open to helping all ages.

Not only is Restore giving you the chance to be a good citizen, but a fashionable one too. You don't need to be from the New England area or Chicago to rock these unique bracelets made out of genuine hockey laces. Restore gives you the opportunity to order their Restore Lace Bracelet on their website here. It's your chance to be the cool kid on the block, while supporting a good cause. All proceeds go to the support of their mission.

Donating equipment to children isn’t Restore’s only cause. They recently have partnered up with NHL Green. They collected used equipment at the 2012 Winter Classic in Philadelphia.

"Our ultimate goal is to keep equipment out of basements and out of landfills. All gear collected in Philadelphia will be returned back to the ice, right where it belongs,” Scott Crowder told

Other companies Restore has teamed up with include Boston Bruins Foundation, The Pond Hockey Classic, Hockey East, Sports-Wash, Earthtec, FMC Arenas, Backyard Hockey, Cullen Wealth Management Group, Bentley University Hockey, Pure Hockey, Backyard Ice and Global Hockey Loop.

Restore recently had a fund raising gala on February 3 for the opening day of the New England Pond Hockey Classic. The guest of honor was a shiny silver cup, Lord Stanley. You can see their upcoming event schedule on their website:

Keep an eye out for upcoming events in Chicago on their website and right here! And don't forget to keep these things in mind: skates, helmets, sticks, gloves, pads... as well as donations, donations, donations...

If you want to help, you can email Samantha Smith at

If you do have equipment, you can email

Twitter: @restorehockey

Facebook: Restore Hockey


(photo source)

Don't Call It A Recap: At Least SEEEEAABBBRROOOKK Scored...

The Hawks lost to the Avalanche 5-2, but recapping the game would just be depressing.
So let's just enjoy these two photos from the game:

First, we have just some excited fans and one really excited fan.

Second, we have a moment between Seabs and Duncs after Seabrook's goal.

Let's analyze this for a second. Seabrook is down on one knee with his arms around Keith's neck.

I can't imagine what Seabrook would be asking Keith?

Hope these photos cheered you up!

Don't worry Hawks fans we will get through this.

Like the old saying goes

"If Britney Spears can make it through 2007, I can make it through this day."

I just hope we don't see Sharp shaving off his hair with a skate blade.

Or Toews attacking a Hawks reporter's car with a hockey stick.

(Photo Source: Blackhawks Website)

Monday, February 6, 2012

It Never Happened...

Aren't West Coast games the best? *silence*

Nothing is better than staying up late to watch the Blackhawks play. I loved staying up late on a weekday to see them get beat by the Canucks in overtime. Or how about watching Gagner have an historic eight point game in their 8-4 loss against the Oilers. Unfortunately, I missed them lose to the Flames 3-1 on Friday. I figured if I never recapped the games they never happened. Or that's just my excuse for being lazy with the blog.

Hopefully, they can keep an avalanche from happening tomorrow night when they play Colorado. I think the Hawks just need Coach Q to tell them "you is kind, you is smart, you is important" when they wake up in the morning. The Help is a great movie, by the way.