Thursday, April 12, 2012

One Game. Two Recaps.

Recap #1:

You know that moment in Captain America when he wakes up from being frozen? Well, it's kind of like when Toews came back for the first game of the playoffs. Instead of Captain America running into Times Square all confused, imagine he just put on his suit and took down a villain (I'm not going to say kill or beat the shit out of a villain, because we all know Captain America is too wholesome for that). That's what Toews did. He scored the first goal for the Blackhawks to start off the game. This was also my excuse to mention the Avengers.

It was a late game. Some people were worried they weren't going to make it. So they watched pre-game live for the answer. Konroyd made everyone feel better by saying the Coyotes will "bore you to death." Also, CSN pre-game was prepared for the death of Toews tonight. Toews' wolverine sideburns are starting to come in. They made an appearance in a pre-game interview.

It was a whiteout in the crowd for the Coyotes sprinkled with red Hawks fans. I'm obligated to mention the fact that the Hawks were the ones in white. So awk.

Period 1:
Toews is officially back. But he became double back with his goal. It couldn't have been more perfect. Hammer had a huge hit. His nickname was temporarily changed to the "rock," because he rocked that dude! haha... No? okay. That wasn't any better than Eddie O saying he lit him up like a Christmas tree.

Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! First a snow shower, now they're touching Toews! But seriously, the dog that tried to shove his glove into Toews' mouth: unnecessary. Let's try not to be Weber. Oh, wait that would mean he would've had to randomly smash Toews' head into the glass.

The Crawdaddy. The Crawmaster. The Crawinator. Crawford had a huge or as Foley likes to say it "HUUGGE" save. But it was quickly overshadowed by Shaw and his overexcited puppy play.

Period 2:
The howls rang through the arena and the Coyotes were up 2-1. More terrifying than the howls: an angry Bolland (even scarier than regular Bolland) coming at you with his stare and his helmet off.

Interview with Mike Kitchen, the man with the eyebrows that don't move. Look next time. LOOK.

I would call this period 3, but it's...

Recap #2:




That happened. That really happened. Seabrook tied the game with 14 seconds left. IT HAPPENED.

Back to Recap #1:

Game one went to the dogs. The Coyote howl will haunt my dreams tonight.

Remember when Toews came back from Narnia and scored the first playoff goal? Remember when Seabrook tied the game with 14 seconds left? REMEMBER?

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  1. Excellent performance. These are things that make big difference. Great goal Toews. VIsit us