Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Around the UC: Convention Weekend

(see more photos from convention weekend here)

-Kane: “The image I have now, I can only strive to get better. The stories I have to put behind me; the same with the reputation. I love playing hockey. It’s my favorite thing to do in this world. That’s what I’m all about and that’s probably what I’ve thought too much about and the other things off the ice, not so much. You have to reinvent yourself. I know the person I am and who I can be.”
CSNChicago: Kane 'embarrassed' by off-ice actions, wants to be a role model 

-Hossa: "Without the contact I feel fine. The next thing is going to be on the ice. I want to see how it is when the contact starts. A little push or shot from behind could be different than just biking."

-Keith: “We have a good group here. No matter who is in the room, it’s always up to the players to get the job done.”

-Bickell: "It's great to show fans what we do on a regular basis. I like having that chance to interact with them, plus I think my fishing pictures go over pretty well." CSNChicago: Blackhawks, fans build bond through social media 

-Smith: ‘‘You always have to prove yourself. My main goal is to get to 100 percent and then from there earning whatever I can.’’

-Seabrook: "I'm preparing to play hockey. I'm not looking at anything else. I'm just getting ready as I would any other season."

-Crawford: ‘‘I want to do well, and I want to be the No. 1 guy here. No matter what happens outside of my situation, it doesn't change what I’m doing.’’ ChicagoSun-Times: Corey Crawford not bothered by Blackhawks' pursuit of Martin Brodeur 

-Smith: “That’s obviously a goal, to get back to that and even surpass it. Right now, the biggest thing is being healthy physically and being healthy mentally, which will be an edge for me. I’m excited to see what could happen moving forward.”

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