Saturday, January 19, 2013


"THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN," - sings Uncle Jesse with a mullet.

The boys are back (but not in town)! However, according to NBC's broadcast, they were playing in Chicago at the Staples Center.

Quick recap:

A sign lit up the sky calling two young hockey players. They came together and ran awkwardly to their... Chevy. Wait... no. That's just Toews and Kane's new Chevy commercial. Unfortunately, we're not lucky enough to see them playing hockey with cars again. But we do see them expand their wonderful acting skills.

Let's just say it's a good thing they play better than they act (entire team included). We can't forget Seabrook having trouble picking up pen with gloves on (Golden Globes material).

Now on to the actual game of hockey...

Several glorious things happened today. Blackhawks hockey came back and five goals along with it. Drink your wine and eat your bread, because baby Jesus and God teamed up again. Kane with an assist from Hossa treated the Hawks to their first goal of the season, while on the PP. Now that's holy.

Fro Fro got in on the action for the Hawks third goal. Toews, who had the flu, infected the Kings goal with a puck. While we're handing out goals to everyone, Hossa completed the Hawks scoring and somewhere between all that the Kings got two of their own.

The Hawks won 5-2, but the Kings can't feel too bad. They received their Stanley Cup rings made by Tiffany before the game. Am I the only one disappointed they didn't come in the little blue box? Also, there needs to be some kind of "he went to Jared" joke in here somewhere.

It wasn't all rainbows and Tiffany rings, Carcillo left the game with a lower body injury. According to Coach Q, "Danny is going to miss some time here." 

Excited for hockey to be back? Well, get ready for a 9pm game tomorrow night! Nothing better than some last night west coast hockey.

(photo source)